• Anti Inflammatory: cleanses the scalp and prevents fungus and other scalp issues from growing in scalps, which causes hair loss.
  •  It moisturise  and allows the hair to grow long
  • It comes with hair oil
  • It aids in growth and hair retention
  • Chebe does not grow hair over night but it helps to slow down the loss of moisture in the hair
  • it reduces breakage
  • Chebe is used on the hair and not scalp, as it doesn’t stimulate hair growth and rather helps in hair retention
  • Mix chebe powder in an oil of your choice to form a paste ( coconut oil, olive oil or kaka oil)This can then be applied to the hair


  • you damp your hair before application of the chebe paste
  • Then apply the paste
  • Then do a protective styling (twisting etc)
  • Apply 3-5 days on the hair


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