Frequently Asked Questions

We’re the sliced bread of Nigeria’s online daily deals market and you our customers, are the best things since us *wink*.

Just like you, we too are tired of waiting a whole year for Black Friday and so, we’ve decided to make everyday a ‘Black Friday’.

Enjoy the awoofday ride…

1. How does work?

A hot new deal is featured on the site everyday at 12am. Open for 24hours only, this product is highly discounted and once you pay for it, it would be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria within 3 – 10 days.

2. How do I contact customer support?

Send a mail to, or call us on 09082391707, chat with us live on the website or tweet at us @awoofday_ng

3. Can I place an order and pay on delivery?

We currently do not have the pay on delivery option; Payments are made using one of the following means:
. Online Payment (Using your Debit or Credit card)
. Direct bank deposit into our Bank accounts (A proof of payment should be emailed to us and your order number should be quoted in the mail).

4. I have stopped receiving your daily newsletter

Firstly, check your spam mails, it’s possible you have unsubscribed. To subscribe again Go to and scroll to the end of the page. Input your email in the box and submit

5. Is my card information safe?

Yes, your card details are safe with us. We are in partnership with Paystack, which uses SSL Technology to protect your card information. Also, our website is verified and Secured by Comodo CA Limited which means that your details and data are not accessible to a third party.

6. Why can't I use my Debit card?

There could be a series of reasons you cannot use your debit card. We would advise you get your Ipin for visa cards and one time password (OTP) for mastercard to enable you make purchases online. For further details please contact your bank. You could use other payment options like cash deposit and online transfers into our Bank Account to make your purchase.

7. What is the delivery timeline for purchase orders?

Items are delivered within 10 business days from date of purchase.

8. How much does delivery cost?

Delivery within Abuja cost’s N800.00 and N2,000.00 to any other state. If your purchase exceeds 5kg, additional delivery charges would apply based on order weight.

9. If I pick up my item from the courier office, do I still get to pay the delivery charge?

Yes you do. all payments including delivery charges are made before delivery. So if you decide to come for pickup or ask us to deliver to your address, the delivery fee still stands.

10. Can I purchase from if I'm not in Nigeria?

Awoofday doesn’t deliver items internationally. You are more than welcome to make your purchases on our site from anywhere in the world, but you’ll have to ensure the card is registered in Nigeria and the Delivery Address is within Nigeria.

11. Why are your product ridiculously cheap?

At awoofday, we partner with merchants and sellers wishing to clear out their inventory or to sell off items that their customers have decided for one reason or another not to buy.We strike a deal with these sellers to give us a huge discount on the item for only one day. These are the items you see displayed on our website.

If there are other reasons why an item is so cheap such as a flaw, we would be sure to tell you in the product description so that you know exactly what you are buying. Also, we strive to ensure that whatever we put on sale each day is of high quality and tested to be in good working condition.